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Positional Release Therapy Textbook by Dr. Kerry D'AmbrogioPositional Release Therapy Textbook by Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio

Welcome to the D'Ambrogio Institute. We are an international organization providing continuing education and certification based on the manual therapy seminar programs developed by Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio.

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P., is a physical therapist, osteopath and board certified acupuncture physician. His integrative blend of both Eastern and Western medicine, prompted by a whole body pre- and post-treatment evaluation (ARTS), is the key to unlocking perplexing pain and biomechanical issues. This method surpasses the tendency in Western medicine to merely treat the patientís symptoms locally, at the site of pain, instead of searching for the root cause of their complaint.

The seminar series at the D'Ambrogio Institute reflects this core philosophy and is designed to train practitioners to perform the full body evaluation (ARTS) and, more importantly, to incorporate the most effective treatment strategies to obtain optimal results for the patient. The D'Ambrogio Institute offers the following courses through the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE):

Whole Body Approach

  • Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals
  • Total Body Balancing 2: Advanced Supine & Prone Techniques
  • Total Body Balancing 3: Advanced Side Lying & Seated Techniques
  • Total Body Balancing 2-3 Review
  • Total Body Balancing Advanced Integration 1

Specific Approach

  • Joint
  • Joint Balancing: Upper Quadrant
  • Joint Balancing: Lower Quadrant
  • Muscle
  • Muscle Balancing: Upper Quadrant
  • Muscle Balancing: Lower Quadrant
  • Fascia
  • Fascial Balancing: Upper Quadrant
  • Fascial Balancing: Lower Quadrant & Cranium
  • Fascial Balancing: Cranium