Certification Programs

Total Body Balancing Techniques Certification

The D'Ambrogio Institute Total Body Balancing Certification program is designed to bring therapists trained in DAI Total Body Balancing (TBB) recognition for their knowledge and skill in this therapeutic modality. The benefits of TBB certification are on many levels. As a TBB-certified therapist, you.

  • Affirm your capabilities and understanding of the techniques
  • Build confidence in the minds of your patient/clients that you are highly skilled in the modality
  • Receive "Certified" designation in the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners listing
  • Are eligible to use the DAI logo in your advertising and on business cards

Please email kerryjdam@gmail.com for information.

DAI Certification

Program Overview

Testing involves three examination phases: home study exams, case studies, and practical/oral (administered by certified examiners).

Along with your application, please provide a copy of your hands-on licensure document or equivalent documentation indicating legal ability to practice. DAI certification is not designed at this time to serve as a hands-on license.

Certification Requirements

Level One - Techniques:
Licensed healthcare professional*
Successful completion of DAI Total Body Balancing 1
Pass TBB1, TBB2, and TBB3 Home Study Exams
Treat 75 patients using Total Body Balancing
Submit 3 Case Studies using Total Body Balancing

Hands-on Practical Exam

  • Exam will be primarily on TBB1 material, but you will be asked to perform one technique from each TBB2 and TBB3 home study programs, the technique will be at the discretion of the examiner.

* For any state/province that does not require a hands-on license to perform manual therapy, the following documentation is required:

  • Language from your state/province indicating this ruling
  • Documentation of your training in the following minimum requirements:
    • Anatomy and Physiology - 80 hours
    • Pathology - 15 hours

If you do not already have all this coursework, or access to it, the following customized program through the London College of Osteopathy meets the requirements:

Upledger Health Science Essentials

Application Procedures:

Maintaining Certified Status:
DAI requires that each therapist certified through the DAI certification program complete 24 hours every four years of DAI-approved continuing education. This may be in the form of DAI courses (participating or assisting), mentor programs, symposiums, research conferences or preceptorships. DAI reserves the right to revoke certification for actions deemed inappropriate by the certification ethics committee.

Cost of Certifying:
Techniques Level: $400*

One (3) Home Study Exams

One (1) sitting for practical/oral exam (additional $150 to retake any unpassed portion of practical exam)
* Testing site may involve additional fee depending on location.